Offering optimum quality Jasmin Fragrances, Fresh Fragrances, Fragrance Concentrates that smell good and available at budget-friendly prices.

  • Multiflora, creator of Fine Fragrance Concentrates, is a B2B company, based in Mumbai (India).
  • We manufacture Fragrance Concentrates for Industrial use like Incense Fragrances, Incense Sticks Fragrances, Spray Fragrances, Room Fresheners, Soaps, Detergents, Candles, Attar Type Products.
  • We also make fragrances for Arabic Attar Type products such as OOD, MAJMUA, MUKHALLAT and FAWAKE.
  • Multiflora, is a creator of Fine Fragrance Oils (Fragrance Concentrates), and our motto is to provide exotic fragrances for all. Fragrances always act a beautiful aroma mood enhancer and are used in everyday life in some or  other form. Good fragrance always makes us feel happy, attractive and enhance the quality of life. Smell is linked to well being and good fragrance provide great smelling experience, evoke memories and emotions and bring pleasure to everyday work.
  • Multiflora's, Fine Fragrance Concentrates for Masculine, Feminine and Unisex Spray Types are very popular and we are committed to offering the best quality products for customer satisfaction.
  • Multiflora, has the ability and expertise to create exclusive Fine Fragrance Oils for Masculine, Feminine, Unisex Type and Arabic Attar Type Scent Oils as well as fragrances for Soaps, Detergents, Incense Fragrances, Incense Sticks Fragrances, Roll-Ons, Candles, Car Perfumes and Cosmetics.
  • Manufacturers of these products can contact us for their fragrance requirements in bulk.
  • Multiflora, is your one stop destination for your bulk requirement of fragrance oils, we offer consistent quality products at affordable Prices.
For more details, please visit our registered website.
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